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Campo Nazionale Esploratori
C'è Avventura!

CN2018 | 1 - 13 Agosto | Vialfrè (TO) - Italia

F.A.Q. – CNGEI National Camp CN2018


    • Where is the closest airport to the camp and how can we arrive to the camp from the airport?

Torino Caselle is the closest airport but also a small one and, depending where you are flying from, you might not find a flight from your city. In this case Milano is the alternative airport to the campsite and usually it has direct flights arriving from all the main european cities as well as international flights.
You can reach Vialfrè (the town where the camp will take place) either by public transport (getting the train to Ivrea, the biggest city close to Vialfrè and then we will pick you up from there) or by hiring a private bus. In both cases we will assist you during the booking process.
We are also looking at the possibility to hire private busses ourselves to facilitate transports from the two airports to the campsite and lower the costs, if this will be the case, the cost will be included in the participation fee. Further communications on this will follow in the next months

    • Do we need a visa for Italy?

You won’t need a visa if you are a EU citizen living within the Schengen Area.
If you are coming from outside EU, or you are not sure about rules applied for your country, you can check using the following link:

    • Do I need insurance?

Insurance for the event will be provided by CNGEI and it’s included in your participation fee.
Though the complementary travel insurance is not included, and it is your responsibility.



    • Where can I find some more information about the programme and the activities of the camp ?

Activities will focus on the main camp theme that is Adventure and it will be a chance to learn new skills and discover scout techniques. Each patrol will take part to a different activity every day, together with other patrols of the same subcamp. The single units will also have time (two afternoons, one morning and four evenings) to organise their own activities, as well as activities with their twinned Italian troop.
If you decide to take part in the event, you’ll be contacted personally through emails and a skype call and we’ll discuss the programme and the activities in detail.

    • How will a typical day be organised?

Each day the patrols will take part to one of the main activity modules, which will last for most of the day, until mid-afternoon. Each patrol will have time to cook dinner, and live the subcamp life along with the other patrols. Again all detail informations about timing, and specific activities will be provided through emails, detailed documents and timetables and a Skype call if you decide to take part.


Here is an example of what the timetable will be:






    DAY 6   


Morning Arrivals Scout Olympics Spirituality village Cultural Day Hike Hike
Afternoon Arts and crafts village Subcamp activity Troop/Unit activity Troop/Unit activity
Evening Troop/Unit activity

Opening Ceremony

Troop/Unit activity Camp Evening Camp Evening Troop/Unit activity




DAY 10

DAY 11

DAY 12

DAY 13

Morning Tec’in’camp Adventurers’ day Water activities Development and
volunteering village
Troop/Unit activity

Ask the Boys & Girls

Camp dismantling Departures
Evening Subcamp Evening Troop/Unit activity Subcamp Evening Troop/Unit activity



    • Our age groups don’t exactly align with the Italian Scouting ages. Can we still come?

Our Scouts and Guides are aged 12 to 16, but we are aware that this might be different in other countries and therefore we can be flexible and discuss the topic with each group willing to participate to the camp.



    • How will the subcamps be organised?

Groups and their patrols will stay in one of the 12 subcamps, with several other local groups coming from all over Italy. Each international group will be twinned together with an Italian troop of the same subcamp with whom will share the camp life. Each patrol will have enough space for it’s own tent, for cooking it’s own food and eating.

    • Can you provide more informations about electricity at the camp?

Electricity will be provided, it will be available only for the subcamps hubs where leaders have the chance to charge your phones, cameras, batteries, ecc….

    • Will WiFi internet connection be provided?

Internet will likely to be provided, it will be available only for the subcamps hubs for leaders to be used. Furthermore, in the area there’s normal mobile phone signal (3g and 4g depending on the different providers) and within EU there are now no extra costs for roaming.

    • Will there be an English speaking doctor at the camp?

Yes, there will be a doctor or a person speaking English available for your needs and our Camp Team will also always be there to support you.



    • What camping equipment do we need to bring? Will some camping/cooking equipment be provided by the organization?

We will send you a detailed list, and we will provide a hub where to ship all the equipment in advance, prior to your departure for Italy to give you the opportunity of lower the costs.
We are also looking at the possibility of providing a limited number of tents, depending from how many international units will require to do so.

    • Is there the possibility to hire some camping equipment?

We are currently looking at this possibility, both for tents and some cooking equipment.



    • Is food included in the subscription fee?

Yes, food will be provided by the organization and each patrol or unit will cook dinner independently, while lunch will be catered.

    • Can allergies, food intolerances and particular diets (vegetarian, vegan, kosher, halal, ecc) be accommodated?

Yes, we will certainly offer a variety of food tailored for people with special dietary needs. We’ll ask you to confirm any dietary requirements during the registration process.

For further information you can contact us at or and we will happy to help you and answer your questions